board of directors

board of directors

The Board Of Directors has been constituted by the Minster of social solidarity and membership of:

A. Director of the Center.

B. Head of Divisions.

c. Head of the Academy of scientific research.

d. Three of university’s professors chosen by chairman of the board of directors and minister of education after permission from Supreme Council of Universities.

e. Attorney General.

f. Head of state council fatwa department.

g. Representatives Ministries of Justice, Interior, and Scientific Research chosen by the competent minister, selected from experienced people in the Center’s activities whose occupation degree is not less than head of centralize administration.

h. Three members their occupation degree shall not be less than central department head, chosen by chairman of the board of directors by reaching by competent authority for two renewable years.


i. Three experienced members about Centre activities, chosen by chairman of board of directors in their personal capacity for two renewable years.